Welcome to a little inbetweener episode of Chatter of Judges.

No guest today, and I’ll probably manage to be under 5 minutes.

I want to issue you a small challenge. It’s good to share goals as when we share goals we feel accountable to each other, helping us follow through and do that thing we want to do.

Setting goals and following through on them is pretty obviously the best way to become a better judge, and that is goal number one of our quaint self-improvement cult.

Everyone who replies below, on Facebook or Youtube, will get me prompting them after the weekend (or after the event you mention) on how they went with their goal. If you want to be private you can withhold what your goal is, but be honest with yourself and do spend some time thinking about your goal.

I’m sharing my goal for the weekend with you all so you can all return the favour and keep me accountable too. On Saturday I’ve got my first PPTQ in what feels like 6 months and those 6 months have been odd for me: I was declined for my first ever Australian GP staff. The feedback I got about why I was declined was that there have been some comments made about my enthusiasm at events.

My goal for the PPTQ is to be more active, more engaged and less lazy. I’m also going to share this goal with the TO so they can give me feedback at the end of the event about how they felt I went.

Don’t forget to comment with your goals and I’ll check back in with you all on Monday.